Security hold

In order to guarantee the proper performance of its obligations, the Renter must agree to a security deposit when booking the vehicle.

This deposit is not withdrawn, it is temporarily blocked by your bank on your account 72h before the beginning of the rental, or at the time of the reservation if it is made less than 72h before the beginning of the rental.

This amount will be blocked shortly before the start of the rental on the credit card used during the reservation.

The security deposit can vary from 800 € to 1000 € depending on the category of the vehicle.

Note that an option to lower your deductible gives you the possibility to lower the deductible and therefore the deposit to 200 €.

If your security deposit does not pass, you must contact your bank and ask them to increase your overdraft or overdraft cap.

Blocking may be linked to a lack of funds on the account or an overrun of your weekly or monthly payment authorization.

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