In case of accident

If you are picking up your car and you find damages, you must notify TravelCar customer service.

In case there is new damage on the vehicle that was not originally present when compared to the inspection form done at the time you dropped off your vehicle, the repair costs will be charged to the renter and handled by our insurance.

Your vehicle is fully covered by our insurance during the duration of your reservation.

Our customer service team will be responsible to open a claim with our insurance and help you every step of the way, and assist you in selecting a bodyshop certified to do great work.

Once the claim is opened with the insurance, we will direct you to an approved bodyshop where an expert will make an estimate of the repairs before they are carried out.

You will pick up your car after repairs are completed.

Our customer service will assist you throughout the process.

If repairs are greater than 24 hours, we will assist you with a replacement vehicle.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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